Man Placed Camera Inside Cat House, To Make Sure Stray Cat And Her Baby Got Home Safely

Maria Cassano a mother cat holding a kitten in her backyard. The compassionate woman worried that with the coming winter and scarce food, the mother wouldn’t be able to produce milk for her baby. The kind animal lover turned to her father for help. The man built the mother and her baby a heated cat house and even placed a camera inside, to make sure that they got home safely every night.

Maria Cassano

Maria’s father wasn’t to keen on feeding the neighborhood’s stray cats, let alone letting them near his house. Seeing how much his daughter cared for the two strays though, the man was willing to make an exception. A neighbor tried to adopt the mother and her baby, but they kept returning to Maria’s yard, so she kept leaving them food on her porch.

The Man Placed A Camera  Inside This Cat House
Maria Cassano

As the temperatures dropped, Maria and her father’s girlfriend began to worry about the two helpless strays. They knew that they wouldn’t survive the harsh winter on their own, and needed their help. Following his daughter’s pleading, Maria’s father set up a heated waterproof cat house in his backyard. The man went to great extents to assure the mother and her baby’s safety and placed an IR camera inside the cathouse. He did this to ensure that the mother and her kitten made it home safely every night. And, of course, to get a sneak peek at the two adorable kittens. He was an animal lover after all!

The Man Placed An IR Camera To Assure That The Kitty Made It Back Safely
Maria Cassano

After a few months, the man finally managed to catch the mother and her kitten to have them looked at by the vet. The vet spayed both of them and got them vaccinated. He also told Maria that the mother should be just fine in her cat house, but that it’s probably best to keep her kitten indoors. Maria fostered the little kitten through the cold winter months. When spring came around, the kind woman released the feline back to her backyard. The kitten wouldn’t let her near him and Maria knew that she could never be domesticated. It doesn’t stop them from enjoying everything that Maria’s yard has to offer.

Maria Cassano

Seeing how much their project helped the mother and her child, Maria and her father built several other cat houses for the neighborhood’s strays to enjoy!

Maria Cassano

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