Homeless Man Passes Away And Leaves His Puppy With An Empty Bowl And A Sign Around His Neck

It’s often those who have the least that end up giving the most. A four-legged companion can mean the world for a homeless person. Pets are often their only source of comfort and compassion, in a hard and unforgiving reality. This homeless man from South Asia made sure to leave his tiny puppy with an empty bowl and a sign around his neck, minutes before passing away.

Being a very poor area, where people struggle to feed themselves and their families, most of the people didn’t notice the helpless pooch. That was until a local farmer who also owns Animal SafeGuard, a YouTube animal rescue channel, came across the doggo’s story online. He knew he had to do something to help him. He drove for a few hours and found the puppy exactly where his owner left him, still with the sign that reads ‘I am hungry’ around his neck.

The puppy’s eyes lit as soon as he saw the kind man. He instantly sensed that the farmer was there to help him. The man gave the pooch some food and water that he inhaled in seconds. He was starving. The farmer then brought the pooch back to his village and introduced him to his other foster strays. Despite being a bit shy at first, the pup soon opened up and played with the other puppies the man saved and brought to his house.

As the puppy and his friends are still too young to be adopted, they will remain with their foster dad for the time being. When the time comes, the farmer will match them with forever homes, that will provide them with all the love and warmth that they deserve.

It’s inspiring to see how despite not having much for himself, this selfless man puts the animals first, and takes care of them so compassionately.

Watch the heartwarming rescue in the video below:

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