Man Spotted Nurturing Stray Kitten On The Subway Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity

The thing about faith is that it’s usually very easy to lose and very hard to restore. Usually. This man was spotted nurturing and calming a poor terrified stray kitten on the NY subway and seeing his pictures will definitely restore your faith in the human race.

The person who’s responsible for snapping the adorable pics of the man nurturing the kitten on the subway is a New Yorker named Gillian Rogers. At first, the man seemed just like your average NY freak, sitting on the subway with an orange towel covering his lap. It only took a few seconds for the woman to realize the man was not alone.

A tiny kitten was resting on the man’s lap. At some point, the kitten even stuck his head outside the towel as the man was bottle-feeding him. Rogers’s heart was just bursting with joy seeing how carefully and compassionately the man cared for the helpless stray.

 Rogers couldn’t let the man get off the train without knowing the story behind the adorable scene. She approached the man who gladly told her that he found the poor skinny kitten in an alley. He was mewing loudly, but his mother was nowhere to be found. He knew that if he’d leave her there, she’d likely die of the cold or hunger.

The man took the kitten, wrapped her so she’s nice and cozy, and bought a bottle and kitten milk to feed her. Rogers’ heart melted at that very moment. To her, this encounter meant a lot more than others on the subway.

Rogers is the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc. and cares for strays every single day. She was so happy to see someone else who cares for animals in need as much as she does. Thank you, anonymous man, for being going out of your way to help the poor stray in need.

Share this story to remind people to keep their eyes open for strays in need, especially now with the temperatures dropping.Man Spotted Nurturing Stray Kitten On The Subway Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity

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