Man Makes His Adorable Cat His Best Man At His Wedding

Those who have ever owned a pet would know that they are family members. We love them so much that we want to include them in our lives’ special moments.


When a man from Brooklyn, Aaron Benitez was planning his wedding, he knew that there was no way that would let his beloved cat miss it. Moreover, Benitez saw his furry companion as one who deserved to be no less but his best man!


After Benitez adopted his sweet cat, Prince Michael, they have been inseparable ever since. The duo has more than 2 million followers on their incredible YouTube channel in which they show the world how hilarious and unique their lives are together.

Benitez knew that his significant one would have to love cats and specifically his adorable grey cat. Plus, she would have to pass an interview with Prince Michael and be approved by him.


Looking for venues is a difficult thing itself, but finding a venue that would allow cats is even harder! They required a salmon dish at their wedding, which is Michael’s favorite meal.


Michael, the cat, had several responsibilities as best man; he had to look nice and entertain guests. The sweet feline even took some pictures and posted them online! 

Including a pet in such a big event won’t necessarily fit every pet. But since the feline was used to getting attention, he was cool as a cucumber during the whole event. He is surely a natural! Some say that he even stole the show (but let’s keep it between us).

People had to take a picture with the special guest, and they were happy to pet and hold him.

Fortunately, the duo isn’t done with amusing us via YouTube. They create brilliant videos and continue on taking over YouTube!

Here’s one hilarious video, for example:

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