Man Lost His Job And Almost Sold His Car To Save His Pitbull

Gemini, the pitbull, and his owner Randy Etter have been together ever since the doggo was a little puppy. The canine was everything to Randy. It came as no surprise that when the dog needed him the most, Randy was willing to lose his job and almost sold his car to save the life of his beloved pitbull.

Everything started when his usually healthy pooch began to vomit uncontrollably. Over the next week, Gemini began to lose weight drastically. He went from 95 to 70lbs in a few days. Seeing how much his dog is suffering, Etter rushed Gemini to the vet. The vet examined him and found that he had an intestinal blockage caused by a piece of plastic he swallowed while playing a couple of days earlier. The vet told Etter that Gemini only had a few more hours to live without surgery.

There was just one thing that kept the man from giving the vet the green light to perform surgery on the pooch. It was going to cost him $4,500 that he didn’t have. The man tried going to other vets, but they charged even more than what the first one did. The man looked at his best friend when he realized that he couldn’t imagine his life without him. 

He was willing to do anything within his power to save his pooch. He posted an ad on Facebook, trying to sell his car:

One of Etter’s friends saw the ad and offered to loan him $2,000. Sadly, even that wasn’t enough money to save his pooch. Not everyone was as supportive and understanding as his friends. His boss called to tell him that he’s fired for skipping work that day. That didn’t worry Etter one bit. He had much more important things to deal with at that point. Luckily, things soon took a turn for the better.

After his heart-melting car ad went viral, it reached exactly the right people. Volunteers of an Indianapolis-based organization called S.O.A.R Initiative (Street Outreach Animal Response)saw his post. The kind people were able to raise as much as $3,000 in a few hours.

Etter rushed his dog to the vet. In surgery, the vets found and removed pieces of a baby’s plastic bottle and a shredded sock. The doggo was finally out of the woods. Etter is grateful for all the love, support, and donations he got during that hectic day. Gemini fully-recovered and lives with his parents and his new baby sister in their loving home. Gamini is one very lucky pitbull, sadly not every owner would have sold his car and lost his job to save their doggo. Etter earned every bit of love Gemini ever gave him.

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