Man Grieving Loss Of His Dog Goes To Shelter And Adopts All The “Unadoptable” Animals

The worst thing about dogs is that their lives are far too short. All dog owners have to go through saying goodbye to their beloved canine companions, and it never gets easier. 
The struggle is real, and there are all kinds of ways of remembering and honoring their memorial.

At times, losing a pet can be as tough as losing a family member. They walk in our lives and take a huge role in making us happy and feeling loved. Grieving the loss comes with many overwhelming emotions that can break us, but one man decided to use his feelings to honoring his dog in a remarkable way.

After Steve Grieg lost his precious furry friend, he wanted to help “unadoptable” dogs to get their happy ending. Unexpectedly, once he turned to a local shelter, everything started to grow quickly.

The dog lover, Steve, always had several dogs living in his house. Each dog had its own unique impact on Steve, but when one of his four-legged companions, Wolfgang died, he was completely devastated. 

The loss was so big that it changed him; he felt like a different man. Although no one could fill Wolfgang’s special spot, he knew he had to adopt another canine in order to light up his life again.


After adopting Eeyore, Steve couldn’t help but rescuing more animals, he decided to adopt all the overlooked animals he heard about and these days he has diverse farmland which houses about two dozen adorable animals. Besides his no less than eight dogs he now owns, he has a duck duo, two cats, a bunny rabbit who doesn’t get along with its miniature pot-bellied pig sibling, Bikini and last but not least a few bountiful chickens.


Steve wanted to fill the hole he had in his heart after he lost Wolfgang, and he did it by filling his farm with sweet animals in need. What better way to honor the memorial of his beloved canine than making the world a better place.


Moving on and finding joy after losing our beloved buddies is crucial in order to get back on feet again. One of the best ways to stepping forward to the next phase of our lives is adopting a new friend that would make us happy. Moreover, dedicating your time to saving animals in need can be a huge positive turnaround in your life.

For more adorable photos of Steve’s animals stop by his must-follow Instagram account.

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