Man Goes Around In His Boat And Saves Stranded Animals From Flash Flood

While most people tried to find a shelter for themselves one man looked danger straight in the eye and put himself second. This man went around in their boat and shocked spectators who witnessed how he saves animals from a flash flood while putting his life in serious danger.

The historic flash flood had hit some southern states including Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas, back in 2016, causing many to evacuate their homes. 

Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old plumber and part-time gardener was busy packing his belongings to get himself to safety when something caught his eye.

He noticed that animals were escaping the flooded woods near his home and gathering in a small patch of dry land in front of his house. Williams instantly decided to check if there are any animals in the woods that need his help.

The man ran to his old tiny boat and together with his brother, made his way into the flooded woods. On the way, the two already started seeing tiny critters in need of help.

They saved several rabbits, ground shrews, and a few field mice. As they progressed further into the woods, the two began noticing larger animals that needed their help.

The two noticed armadillos opossums and raccoons, all clinging for dear life onto whatever branch they could find. The two carefully went around and allowed each stranded animal onto their boat. It was just like a real-life version of the ‘Life of Pie’.

The two are clearly animal lovers who were willing to put themselves in severe danger, to save the lives of so many animals. Good job you guys, thank you!

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H/T – The Dodo

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