Man Gives His Paralyzed Husky Pool Therapy To Ease His Pain

A good dog owner will do everything from jumping into a deadly torrent to singing their pooch a sweet bedtime lullaby every night, to make sure that their dog is happy and healthy. This man gives his paralyzed Husky pool therapy to help relieve his pain, and the results are tear-jerking.

The lengths dog owners go to to make sure their pets happy may seem extreme to anyone who never owned a pet himself. People may think that these pet owners are nothing more than sad people that are trying to fill a hole in their hearts. We all know that this is simply not true. Pets are family and deserve to be treated just like any other family member.

The owner of Kane, the Husky in this story, noticed that his elderly pooch is having a hard time walking. Upon closer inspection, he saw that his hind legs stopped working. He was paralyzed and in extreme pain. Not knowing what to do, the man began vigorously looking for solutions to help his beloved Kane. Given the Husky’s advanced age, the man knew that he wouldn’t survive an operation, and the pain medication he was given wasn’t strong enough to relieve his pain.

The man wasn’t going to give up on his beloved pooch just yet. There was one more thing he wanted to try – taking his Husky to the local pool. The man hoped that floating weightlessly in the water may relieve his doggo’s pain. Happily, he was right! 

Precious Kane finally had a few pain-free moments in the pool. The man said in the video below: “Two days ago his back legs stopped working. He’s very old, too old for surgery and he hurts. Unfortunately, pain medication only helps so much. We’ve found that taking him for a swim is the only thing that really helps.”

After a few floating sessions at the pool, Kane even managed to do the impossible and started walking again! Kane’s persistence is inspiring and comes as a reminder that given the right conditions, even senior dogs can flourish.

Watch the heartwarming video of the man giving his paralyzed Husky pool therapy:

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