Man Fostered a Squealing Dog For two Weeks and Fell in Love!

Drew Harrisberg is such a sworn dog lover! It’s a real wonder that he hadn’t adopted a dog until today.

When he finally realized that it was time, he headed downtown to his local shelter and scoured the area for a favorite. When he ultimately had chosen a sweet pup, he came back a week later to take it.

Unfortunately, by the time Drew came back, the dog he was committed to has already been adopted.

Drew didn’t let the news bring him down, and immediately started to look for another doggy to bring home.

During his search, Drew heard an unusual, squealing sound. When he went over to check it out, he stumbled upon the cutest PitBull. His name was Dennis, and Drew knew that this was love at first sight.

Dennis was super excited to meet Drew, and Drew felt the same way. He instantly knew that he wanted to take the adorable canine home, but sadly found out that Dennis was already claimed; his new owners scheduled to adopt the cutie-pie in about two weeks.

Drew didn’t want to give up, and suggested fostering sweet Dennis for the remaining two weeks. Although the shelter’s staff had warned him that he could get attached and suffer a lot of grief due to the future separation, Drew wouldn’t budge. Something in him told him that he had to have Dennis to himself, even if it’s just for a little while.

Unsurprisingly, Drew fell in love with Dennis quite quickly and felt like he had embraced a new brother into his life. When the time came, Drew knew that he couldn’t give up his beloved BFF, so he made a deal with Dennis’s future owner; he asked them to allow him to keep Denis and look for another doggy to bring to their forever home.

Fortunately, the owners agreed, and Drew got to keep his new brother, forever. He feels like they’re family, and is so glad to have found him.

Drew recorded his and Dennis’s touching story on video. Hilarious Dennis is squealing with happiness through most of it! It’s amazing to see such a beautiful friendship develop between the two. Our hearts practically melted.

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