Man Finds A Baby Monkey Lying On The Ground And Reunites Her With Her Worried Mom

The connection between a mother and her babies is one that cannot be easily broken. That’s why we were initially shocked when we saw how the man in the next video finds a baby monkey lying helplessly on the ground, all on his own. Don’t worry – his mother was watching him from a distance making sure he’s alright.

Igor Venâncio, an animal-loving Brazillian man, was walking near his home one evening when he saw a group of children gathered around a dark object. He got closer when he realized that the dark spot was actually a Marmoset – an adorable type of monkeys that are native to his area of Brazil.

 He knew that the baby’s mother can’t be too far. Sure enough, after scattering the area for a few minutes, Venâncio spotted the mother anxiously watching the scene from a nearby tree.

Venâncio figured that the mother is too scared to come down and retrieve her baby because of all the commotion. Much to the man’s surprise though, even after the children gave the mother monkey plenty of space, she was still hesitant to climb off the tree and approach her baby.

At this point, the man knew that he only has one choice. Reunite the two on his own. To the sound of the baby monkey’s adorable squeaks, the man picked her up and reunited her with her somewhat timid mother.

The mother monkey, who must’ve been terrified, not knowing if the man means her baby any harm. She eventually trusted him enough to grab her child from his hand and disappear up the tree. Not before making some more adorable squeaks, of course. 

Recalling the event, Venâncio claims that during the several seconds he crossed eyes with the mother, she had nothing but gratitude in her eyes. Now that’s something he won’t forget anytime soon!

Watch the moment the man finds the baby monkey on the ground and retrieves her to her anxious mother:

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H/T – The Dodo

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