Man Finds Abandoned Puppies And Gives Them A Brighter Future

Countless new pups are born every second around the world, but sadly many a large number of them end up growing motherless for various reasons. Owner of the YouTube channel Happy Dogs travels to remote parts of South East Asia and helps animals in need. This time the man finds helpless abandoned and rejected newborn puppies and saves their lives.

The man’s YouTube channel, Happy Dogs, currently has 46 rescue videos of nearly every species of animal on this planet, all from reptiles like turtles and snakes to stray cats and dogs. The channel has a total of 20 million accumulated views of videos and more than 87,000 subscribers.

On one of their many trips, the man went to explore the countryside in search of helpless souls to save. Accompanied by two friends and a camera, the group thoroughly searched every corner of the scarcely populated area.

The group found a pile of unattended duck eggs hiding beneath some banana leaves. Knowing that it’s best to leave them alone and not to touch them, the group decided to move on. A few minutes later, one of the volunteers spotted an old lump of wood leaning against a rusty metal sheet. He knew that it was the perfect place for an animal to build a den for its newborns.

The group carefully peaked behind the metal sheet and found three adorable newborn puppies cuddled together. They were napping and their mother was nowhere to be found. Knowing that there’s no way that the pups, who were only a few weeks old, could survive on their own, the volunteers placed all of them in a basket and brought them back home with them.

They matched the three newborns with a mother dog who had recently given birth. The mother dog welcomed the rejected puppies with open paws and nursed them compassionately. She must have felt their dire need of a motherly presence. Thanks to a small group of animal lovers and one kind mother dog, these three puppies will surely have a brighter future ahead of them.

Watch the moment the man finds the abandoned puppies and saves them:

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