Man Creates ‘Stick Library’ For Dogs At His Local Park

Anyone who ever owned a dog, even if it was only for a brief period, knows that nothing in the world makes dogs happier than a good, solid, preferably aerodynamic, stick. One 59-year-old man from New Zeland figured he could take this to the next level and creates a ‘stick library’ for the benefit of the dogs at his local park.

The man, named Andrew Tylor, first came up with the original idea, after realizing that he is spending too much time looking for a proper stick, every time he wants to play fetch with his dog, Bella. While Andrew was trimming the branches in his garden one day, the idea popped into his mind – instead of just tossing the branches to the trash, he can create a stick library, that allows people to toss them to their dogs.

Crafty Andrew built a special box and filled it with sticks and branches that he sanded, cleaned, and smoothed for a perfect game of fetch. He then engraved the box with “stick library”, which implies that people are required to return the sticks when they’re done playing with them.

Andrew and his daughter Talya invited people from their community to try the stick library at a special launch party at the park. Much to their surprise, more than 50 people (and pets) showed up to try out their groundbreaking product, and the warm responses kept pouring in. The local dog owners really appreciated the simple yet innovative idea, that will save them a lot of time in the future.

Don’t miss the video that shows how the man creates the stick library here:

This can be a perfect way to give back to your community especially now. All you need is a few basic tools and skills.

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