Man Captured On Camera Taking Sick Pooch For Stroll Every Day Is Hailed By The Internet Community

Compassionate man, Tonino Vitale from Italy, shows the world how to treat a sick dog without even noticing it is being captured daily. When he made the commitment of caring for his dog, he knew he would never fail it.

When the time came down to the point that his dog needed him the most, he incredibly upheld his promise to be there for it.

He didn’t know that he was captured while taking his senior, sick furry companion for a walk, something that every loving dog owner would do. 

But his beloved dog, Dylan, was 13-years old already and suffered from arthritis. Vitale took him on a cart for a stroll to get some fresh air and enjoy the life outdoors every day.

Although the elderly Labrador can’t move his hind legs and find it difficult moving his front legs, Vitale doesn’t let anything stop him from giving his dog the best life it can have given the situation.

Vitale and his wife see Dylan as their child and have been caring for him for 13 years. When they first got him, their children cared for him, but when the time to leave home came by, the parents took the role. His four-legged companion was a source of comfort to him after he lost his father.

A passerby filmed Vitale taking his senior dog out for a walk and lifting him off the cart. The video was spread like wildfire on social media, with thousands sharing it and praising the compassionate man.

Watch him taking his senior dog on a cart on the video below:

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