Man Buys Sea Turtles From Food Market And Releases Them In The Ocean

Sea turtles are one of the magical creatures that the mysterious ocean features. While it is unfortunate that sea turtles are listed as an endangered species, it is still legal to fish for them in a number of counties such as Australia, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. 

Surprisingly, some people buy them for food while they are still alive. 
When Arron Culling and his colleague Mark walked around at the local market in Papua New Guinea, they saw something shocking.

The co-workers came across two live sea turtles for sale. When they figured out that they were being sold for food, they couldn’t help but take action.

Mark and Aaron decided to buy them, and so they paid $50 and drove them 5 kilometers to the sea and set them free back home, where they belonged. 

It wasn’t the first time the two heroes took action to rescue sea turtles; they have rescued ten turtles and gave them another go at a happy life. 

Sea turtles are caught for their meat and shells. You can learn more about saving sea turtles here.

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