Man Builds Two Gigantic Towers For His Kitties To Play In

In some countries, this will already be the 5th week under the Coronavirus lockdown. While some start to lose their mind and climb the walls by now, others find creative and, quite literally constructive, ways to pass their time. Rob Coutu, a BIM manager from Windsor, Connecticut, is, without a doubt, one of the latter.

Rob figured that since his two cats love to nourish their fur in high places, where they can keep a close eye on their surroundings, he should provide them with the facilities they’re worthy of now that he has the time to do it properly.

The BIM manager first got the idea when he came across pictures of a realistic tree scratching post. Following a few failed attempts to reconstruct the scratching post from the pictures, Rob returned to his roots and decided to do what he does best – plan and build towers.

After completing the first tower and seeing how much his savannah and tabby kitties enjoy playing in it, Rob decided to spoil his felines with another, even taller tower. The second and larger tower incorporates some design improvements he learned from building the first one. The larger tower now has a porch with a tiny deck landing and a dormer for Zach the savannah, who’s constantly on the lookout for his tabby sibling.

Not taking into account the hours of planning and constructing, the remarkable project cost Rob over $3,500, a sum that to him, is well worth it, After all, it doesn’t just look cool in his living room but serves a practical use for his beloved cat Zach who pretty much lives there.

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