Serbian Man Builds A Shelter And Saves More Than 1000 Dying Dogs

While building a rescue center for animals is hard enough to do in a western country, it’s even harder to do so in a poor developing country, where residents are often too busy trying to survive themselves. That’s why we were so delighted to hear about this man who takes in and saves dying stray dogs from certain death on the streets.

The man, called Sasha Pesic, started Sasha’s Shelter ten years ago in his hometown of Niš, Serbia. The goal of the shelter, much like Sasha’s own personal goal, is to save as many dying strays and bring them back to life. Most of the dying dogs the man saves spent their whole lives on the streets where they suffered from severe abuse. Most of them have complete distrust in humans, broken bones and limbs, and almost no will to live.

Sasha and his devoted team of animal lovers compassionately care for each and every one of the dogs and nurse them back to full mental and physical health, and the numbers speak for themselves. Since it’s opening in early 2008, Sasha’s Shelter saved more than 750 dogs and rehomed 400 others in forever homes.

While in Sasha’s safe-haven, the rescue dogs enjoy warm meals, veterinary care, and the opportunity to regain trust in humans. As one can imagine, caring for so many dogs can get very costly, especially for someone living in a developing country. It costs $18 a month to provide the dogs with all the care they need, which totals at $13,500 for all dogs at the shelter. Sasha’s non-profit organization manages to get by solely from donations, which is very impressive. If you wish to support Sasha’s noble cause you can leave a donation on his Patreon page.

Share the inspiring story of Saha’s Shelter with your friends and family!

Learn more about Sasha’s work on his organization’s website

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