Man And The Dog He Didn’t Want Have The Sweetest Bedtime Routine

Humans are strange creatures. Sometimes we don’t appreciate something until it’s gone, and other times, we don’t know that we want until we actually have it. The next story is a perfect example of the latter. This man was still grieving the loss of his previous loyal dog and thought that he didn’t want another one. Apparently, he couldn’t have been more wrong – the man and the dog now have the sweetest and most adorable bedtime routine.

Jean Gray, the puppy in this story, began life as a stray dog. Happily, it wasn’t long before a kind man crossed paths, rescued and fostered him. Knowing that he can’t keep the pup, the man asked his friend, Alice Garrido Gallardo, to adopt him. She was more than happy to give the pup a home but she had someone in mind that might benefit from that match even more than her. It was her dad.

Gallardo’s father recently lost his dog and (thought that he) wasn’t ready to let another furry friend into his life. The man strongly opposed adopting another pup anytime soon. After a lot of convincing, Alice managed to talk him into meeting the pup. The moment the man laid eyes on the pup he knew that they were meant to be together. It was love at first sight.

And that love only grew stronger with time. Now, a couple of years later, the man and his dog developed the most adorable bedtime routine. Every night the man tucks his doggo into bed, puts a pillow under his bed, and brings him his favorite stuffy.

Check out the precious moment in the video below:


Se fue de “yo no quiero otro perro” a esto demasiado rápido 😂🤍 ##perrito ##pet ##petlover ##dog ##dogsoftiktok ##xyzbca

♬ when she loved me cover by katelyn lapid – katelynlapid

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