Mama Dog Found In The Snow Protecting Her Pups From The Cold

A stray dog was spotted lying in a snowdrift on the side of a northern Minnesota road. Upon closer inspection, the concerned family discovered that the dog was desperately trying to protect her 6 pups from the freezing elements while lying in about a foot of snow.

The family drove the dog along with her litter to The Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue, where they received food and immediate care.

The poor three-week-old puppies were starving because their mother couldn’t produce enough milk under the freezing conditions.

Now, after a few days in the warmth of the shelter, the dog who later received the name Snowbell, started producing milk again. Snowbell has been spayed and is now available for adoption along with her pups, some of which already found their loving forever homes.

Snowbell has proven that she is a loving mother that puts her pup’s wellbeing first, and their survival is nothing short of a miracle.

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