Major City in China Finally Bans Eating Cats and Dogs

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We all know that China prides itself on eating everything that moves from bugs to bears, pangolins, bats, and even dogs and cats. 

It is well known that many restaurants in China serve unlikely foods that are the final product of animal cruelty.

The coronavirus epidemic made China realize that it had to change its ways as a country, and temporarily exclude the hunting or consumption of wild animals. Unfortunately, many people believe that once the COVID-19 pandemic will pass, and fewer cases will be diagnosed, the country will return to its old and ominous ways. By doing so, they could endanger our lives all over again.

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Thankfully, one city in China grasped the need for change and decided to ban the hunting, distribution, and consumption of dog and cat meat. 

The city of Shenzhen is the 5th largest city in China, with almost 13 million people living there. Although most people in town don’t eat dogs or cats, the city hopes that due to its size, other municipalities will empathize with their efforts and join the fight. The more permanent laws against pets’ consumption are in place, the better the conditions for pets will become, and the chances for their survival will rise.

The regulation still allows the citizens of Shenzhen to enjoy eating pigs, cows, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and pigeons’ meat. 

The law will officially take effect on May 1st, and many people are waiting eagerly to see how the rest of the country would react.

The law has many benefits to all humankind: firstly, dogs and cats are our best animal friends, and it’s so awful to treat them with such brutality. Once the consumption of such pets is forbidden, fewer dogs and cats would suffer from abuse and will have better chances of leading happy and comfortable lives.

Secondly, after all that we’ve been through with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s evident that the consumption of some animals could be dangerous to our health. For example, dogs could transmit rabies to people, which is a much more fatal disease than COVID-19. This law brings China one step closer toward healthier and safer eating habits, which would hopefully prevent any future outbreaks.

Moreover, the statistics reveal that most of the cats and dogs that end up in China’s restaurants or dinner tables are stolen from back yards and loving pet owners. Not only do they beat these beautiful souls to death, but they end up breaking their owners’ hearts with no explanation.

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Nowadays, over 10 million cats and dogs are brutally murdered for food purposes each year. Hopefully, the law would help to reduce those humongous rates in the future.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are also trying to promote laws against the consumption of pets. 

Credit: Last Chance for Animals/Vimeo

Some reports show that over the years, fewer and fewer people are drawn to the consumption of dogs and cats: in China, most of the younger generation is genuinely against the vile act.

Unfortunately, it seems like China’s viciousness toward animals lives on because the country just approved to use bear’s bile fluid, to try and cure the coronavirus. The liquid is drained from living, captive bears!

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  1. Allison

    I like how it starts with “we all know china prides itself on eating anything that moves” while also admitting that “most people” in a town of 13 million “don’t regularly eat cats & dogs” lol what journalism

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