Majestic Eagle So Big That Makes People Think It’s A Human In A Costume

Nature is surely mysterious and surprising, but this majestic bird makes us feel as we are in a Harry Potter movie.

Besides being magical, the royal bird is enormously gigantic. Meet the harpy eagle. It is a creature that only lucky ones are fortunate enough to see in real life. Looking at the majestic bird gives a sense of power and superiority.

You wouldn’t want to look it straight to its eyes because they are fearless and intimidating. The secretive eagle looks like a human and a bird altogether in a kind of way that makes us question its real region, is it planet Earth?

The harpy eagle as known as the American harpy eagle and the royal-hawk (in Brazil) is a raptor that finds its habitat in the rainforest. No wonder why the mysterious eagle’s photo was viewed more than 120K views on Imgur and 91K upvotes in less than 20 hours on Reddit.

It may look as the unlikely bird wears a dark costume, but its feathers are completely real. Although they look adorable in some weird way, they are deadly birds that no animal would want to battle against.

As the mesmerizing bird is the mightiest raptor in the rainforests, it is also one of the biggest eagle species around the globe. The gigantic bird looks more massive than it actuality weighs in with up to 9 kilograms (20 pounds) pounds but leaves a great impression with its 224-centimeter wingspan (7 feet and 4 inches).

The harpy eagles inhabit in the emergent layer of tropical lowland rainforests. Sadly, extensive logging and destruction ate away its habitat, and it’s almost extinct in Central America. These days, it is estimated that there are fewer than 50,000 individuals around the world.

The deadly bird has long and sharp talons than no one would want to come across with, it is probably bigger than your hand!

People used to hear about birds that eat small animals, but this huge animal eats tree-dwelling mammals such as monkeys and sloths.

We were so fascinated by the huge bird and hope to see more incredible pictures of it.

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