Magnificent White Dotted Zebra Newborn Was Discovered In Kenya

Just when you thought that nature is done with surprising us, this newborn zabra is here to show us that is hasn’t done yet. 

A baby zebra with unlikely polka dot marking has surprised the world with its unique coloring. A talented photographer took the rare shot in Kenya and presented the first polka dot zebra to be seen in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The photographer happened to be the tour guide as well, he works at the Matira Bush Camp and enjoys the beautiful nature every day. But the observant tour guide had never seen a white dotted zebra youngster before.

He was at the National Reserve near the Mara river when he first spotted the rare wildlife roaming aside his mommy. After he took a closer look, the photographer learned that the foal had a melanin disorder which is the opposite of albinism. It is caused by the accumulation of dark pigment melanin in the skin.

Its stripes haven’t developed to the usual form, so they look like a pattern of tiny stripes that look like dots. The coloring of the foal is magnificent; while the back is entirely black, there are delicate white stirpes across its legs and dotted markings on its chest and neck.

Specialist claimed that this kind of foal had never been recorded in that National Park. However, melanistic zebras had been seen at other places in Africa before. Sadly their life span was no longer the six months.

A famous blogger, Mutuma Untamed, shared the rare pictures and said that the week-old baby zebra was named after the photographer, Tira, who spotted it first.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Did you know, last week a Maasai guide discovered a one of a kind hybrid baby zebra in the Maasai Mara. It is named after his surname – Tira. A few years ago there was a similar case, however that zebra still maintained the stripes and brush-like tail. Rare Tira, however has patterns that appear as polka dots.”

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