Lynx Family Feel Right At Home On The Porch Of An Alaskan Photographer

Tim Newton, a photographer from Anchorage, Alaska, was awakened one morning by strange noises he had never heard before. As the noises intensified, so did Tim’s curiosity. He had to investigate and find their source.

He slowly made his way towards the back porch and peeked from behind the curtains. Newton didn’t think much of his discovery. He saw what appeared to be a family of cats. It was only a few moments later that he noticed their unusually large feet and pointy ears. Tim couldn’t believe his eyes were seeing real wild lynx playing on his porch. The seasoned photographer instantly ran to get his camera and began snapping pictures of the adorable family from behind the curtain.

Newton is grateful for having the opportunity of capturing the stunning creatures from so close. He later recalled the event in an interview with Anchorage’s KTUU: “Normally when you see a lynx, you have just enough time to get your camera out, and then they’re gone, so I was thrilled I could get a couple pictures of them playing on the deck. And I thought that might be the end of it.”

The remarkable felines were feeling right at home on Newton’s porch: “They were using the deck as a playground,” he said. “Those cats were chasing each other, and frolicking, and crouching and running. Just back and forth, across that deck, for about a half-hour.”

Newton felt the kittens were getting comfortable so he decided to reveal himself from behind the curtain: “I don’t know why I did this — maybe to say to him, ‘Oh, what a cute little kitty!’ — but I pulled the camera away from my face little, and my eyes showed. The look of terror on that kitten’s face! His eyes were wide open, and he just flew away from me! But the others didn’t pick up on it.”

As an experienced photographer, Newton photographed Lynx’s before, but never from such close proximity. Lynxes are known to be very sneaky and elusive so Newton feels very grateful for having the unique opportunity of witnessing so many of them for a relatively long time. “We’re always thrilled to encounter wildlife. It makes me feel thankful — thankful for where I live. I’m thankful to have seen these lynx up close.”

Watch the incredible video of the magnificent creatures playing on his porch:

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