Loyal Dog Escorts his two Beloved Sisters to the School Bus Every day

This is just too darn cute! We can’t believe this sweet gigantic dog follows his human sisters to the school bus every day.

As the cutest bodyguard ever, Gordon the doggy makes sure that his two younger sisters are safe, as they go to the bus station to get to school. 

Gordon doesn’t let them leave the house without him and waits until he’s certain that they’ve boarded the bus safely. 

When it’s time for his humans to come home, the chivalrous pooch is so excited and vigilant, that he goes back to the station alone, and waits to greet his returning sisters. He insists to escort them every single day and doesn’t care whether it’s raining or snowing. What a fantastic cutie patootie!

Being an English Mastiff, Gordon is huge compared to his human siblings and easily protects them against every danger that awaits on their way to the bus. 

Reading this you’re probably wondering – who taught Gordon to be such a loyal and diligent protector? According to Becky Lynn, Gordon’s and the girl’s human mother, the answer is quite simple – it comes to him naturally. He simply walks with them each day because he cares for them greatly.

Becky deeply cherishes her dog and all that he’s done, so she decided to share her love for Gordon through this charming video that instantly went viral.

According to Becky, Gordon is the heart of their family and she’s certain they’ll remain a big and happy family thanks to the protection of their kind-hearted canine.

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