Loving Owner Builds His Anxious Doggy a Beautiful Relaxing Mini-Room

Buster is the sweetest dog; he has such a soft heart. Unfortunately, his life hasn’t been easy. His first foster home was quite abusive to the point that the police decided to take Buster back to the shelter, and part him from his former owners.

Due to the trauma that the sweet canine had experienced, the poor Staffordshire bull terrier has developed some severe anxiety issues. It’s been hard for him to engage with new people, and he always wishes to be alone.

Sean Farrell, a sworn dog lover, decided that he had to help the darling pooch. He took him in and fostered him in order to give him a stable environment, regain his confidence, and courage back.

Over time, the inevitable happened; Farrell fell in love with charming Buster. Although he already had a dog named Zook, Ferrell chose to adopt Buster and thus, grant him the loving forever home he truly deserved.

Buster was happy at his new home. However, he still felt quite nervous many times. Farrell noticed that Buster always tried to find ways to be alone and hid in the bathroom for many hours at a time.

Farrell was quite worried about the sweet pup. He knew that he had gone through such an awful experience at his first house, but didn’t know how to help him overcome it. The anxiety appeared for no evident reason, so he couldn’t understand what triggered it.

Farrell realized that Buster was suffering from general anxiety. Just like every person and animal, he had a unique personality, with a rare struggle. His confidence was quite fragile, so Farrell knew that he had to find a way to help him adjust and find serenity.

The determined owner decided to try many methods, to help Buster overcome his fears. He helped him get a job as a therapy dog, to cheer up the sick and the elderly, and spread joy wherever he goes.

The new job helped the canine meet new people. However, when Buster came home after a long day at work, he still preferred to be alone, in the bedroom or the bathroom. The situation had gotten worse over time, to the point where Buster had refused to leave the rooms and join his human father outside. The anxiety was just stronger than him.

Sadly, Farrell’s sweet forever pet and Buster’s loving brother, Zook, had passed away a few months ago, leaving Buster heartbroken, and troubled. The friendly canine felt so unsafe and alone. Farrell’s heart went out to him and had a difficult time watching him suffer.

Farrell thought long and hard on how to aid Buster to overcome his stress. He realized that the sweet pooch needed time to be alone and relax by himself.  

The loving owner decided to get creative and provided Buster with a functional, safe space.

Ferrell worked for weeks on a special surprise for the sweet canine. He built him a mini kennel inside the house, just like a tiny room, where he could unwind and have a alone time all by himself.

Farrell genuinely hoped that Buster’s kennel would help him gain his confidence back. He knew that he needed a safe space for quite a while and was glad to provide it for him. He made it nice and comfy on the inside, and pretty on the outside. The best part about it is that it has a window so that Farrell could check up on the little guy for every now and then.

Farrell decorated the mini-house with lights, stuffed animals, a small TV screen (which aids relaxation and encourages friendly behaviors), many pillows, a charming bed, and many pictures of precious Zook.

Buster was so happy to see his new room! He was grateful for all the effort his owner put in order to make him happy.

Buster finally had a place of his own to relax and center himself. Ferrell was so happy to see Buster’s excitement. He loves that Buster spends time at his new mini room, and it does seem to help him feel more secure. Success!

Although Buster’s past wasn’t easy, he is fortunate to find such a loving, caring human dad. He found his forever family and his forever mini-house. 

After Zook’s death, Ferrell and Buster became even closer. They share a heartwarming bond, get each other, they love spending time together, and most importantly – they care for one another.


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