Lost Puppy Goes To The Vet’s Office And Asks For Help Finding His Owner

Security cameras caught the unbelievable moment a lost puppy finds his way to his vet’s office and asks for help finding his owner.

It is still unclear how exactly the pup found himself separated from his owner in the first place. It’s also unknown how long he was lost or how far he wandered. Regardless, the helpless furbaby roamed the streets of a Thai city, lost and confused, not knowing where he is and how to find his owner. The pup didn’t wait for anyone to help him and took matters into his own paws.

Luckily, after what must have felt like a lot of wandering around, the pup managed to find Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic – the clinic where he was vaccinated a couple of months earlier. Watch the unbelievable security camera footage, showing how the lost puppy asks for help:

The staff at the clinic instantly recognized the black pooch. They called the owner right then and there and told him that his dog was finally found. Just like that, the streetwise doggo was reunited with his owner.

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