Lost Husky Has the Time of Her Life With Her Deer Friend

World, meet Koda! A free spirited pup who will never miss a chance to make a new friend. For her owner, Rachel Howatt spending time with her furry companion is no doubt her favorite thing to do. 

One day, Koda wandered off and found herself completely lost and far from home. Rachel was beside herself and searched everywhere to no avail. Rachel knew that her pooch is a clever one, and was sure that she’d find her way home soon enough.

Apparently, Rachel knew her dog very well because a few days later, the pooch was already standing in front of the house as if nothing happened. Rachel couldn’t believe that Koda came back so strong and healthy, after a few days in the woods. She wondered what her beloved canine has been up to all this time.

Rachel knew that one of her neighbors had a camera that faces the woods. She wondered if the camera had caught Koda’s track, and asked the neighbor’s permission to check. What she found out had shocked her to the very core. Evidently, her doggy wasn’t traveling the woods alone.

The dog has made an incredible friend – a male deer. Fortunately, the camera caught some amazing images of the two talking, playing together, and even napping together.   

The two seemed very comfortable near each other and were seen together for a few days, showing how close they are to one another. Overall, it seemed like they’ve spent over half a day together.

On one occasion, the dynamic duo had another friendly deer joining them. It looks like Koda has certainly been accepted into their herd.

Rachel wishes to keep Koda safe and hopes that she won’t wander off anymore. With that, she knows that Koda has some new friends now, and wouldn’t want to keep them from one another. 

She is certain that Koda will try to get together with her friends in the future, and she isn’t planning to stand in her way. Who knows, maybe Koda will invite her new friends home sometime? That could be amazing.

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