Lost Dog Was Found In Bad Condition After Two Years Searching His Family

Recently, someone spotted a stray dog wandering in the street. The stray who was in a bad shape was brought up at an animal shelter in Ukraine. He was dirty, thin and confused.

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Out of the goodness of their hearts, the rescuers wanted to find the homeless dog a loving family that would never leave him. But they didn’t know that this dog was merely lost and already had a home.

The compassionate rescuers took pictures of the poor pooch and posted them online in hopes of finding him a caring family.

The odds weren’t in his favor, he was in extremely poor condition and badly sick, but people could see from his big bright blue eyes that he’s an incredible soul.

It didn’t take long till the post went viral and was shared hundreds of times. It is incredible to see what kind of a difference social media can make.

It took only two days till the shelter was contacted by a woman saying that her dog which got stolen two years ago was the dog in the pictures.

The caring shelter wasn’t ready to give up the lovely dog easily, they wanted to confirm that it truly was her dog. But when they all met, they could see by the dog’s reaction that it was indeed his owner. “Tears of joy in the morning!” the shelter wrote, and said that it was a miracle. 

Don’t miss the video of the emotional moment:

The lucky dog, Lord, had been looking for his family for two years. He was helpless, tired and sick, but he survived. Thanks to the compassionate rescuers who brought him at the shelter and spread the word online, he finally got back home after two horrible years.

The shelter wrote: “We thank everyone who shared our post,”. They added, “Thanks to you that the dog’s life was saved, and peace returned to his owner’s soul!

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