Loon Couple adopts an orphaned Mallard Duckling as their own

This sweet story starts with a pair of loon ducks and a mallard duckling.

Apparently, the little duckling had lost his parents somehow and became orphaned. 

So an unlikely couple decided to take him under their wings. This is all the more surprising, considering loons and mallard  are “usually enemies.”

WTAE-TV PittsburghLinda Kevin Grenzer

Dr. Walter Piper, a researcher who runs The Loon Project, was “flabbergasted” when he learned of this. “This has never been reported before,” he told “GMA.”

Piper has been studying loons for 27 years. And has never seen anything of the sort.

Piper’s team made the discovery about the duckling in mid-June at one of the 120 lakes in Wisconsin that Piper and his team regularly observe.

“It’s touching and crazy and undeniable but these loons love this duckling and vice versa.”

WTAE-TV PittsburghLinda Kevin Grenzer

“They are acting just like parents would with a loon chick. They are all in on this duckling,” he said, adding that the pair are “fiercely protective” of its new family member.

The little mallard duckling is reported to have imprinted on his loon parents, 
even picking up some loon behaviors, like standing on its parent’s back in the water, diving for food and eating food from their mouths.

“It’s something a loon chick would do but a mallard duckling would never do.”

Everyone ‘s eager to see this lovely family of three continues to grow.
“It’s crazy and exciting and we don’t really know what to expect but we’re excited about it.”

Watch the unconditional parental love below

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