Lonely Truck Driver Adopts A Stray Cat. Now They Travel The Country Together

Think that all cats are territorial? Think again! Meet truck driver Paul Robertson and his ginger cat Percy.

As a truck driver who spends most of his time on the road, Paul can get very lonely at times. A few years ago, Paul adopted a stray kitten named Howie to keep him company on his long hauls. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017, leaving Paul with a great void in his heart.

As the days past, Paul slowly recovered from his loss and felt ready to try and fill the hole that Howie left with a new companion. Knowing the importance of adopting from shelters, rather than just buying pets, Paul decided he’d give another stray kitten a chance in life. That’s when he met Percy.

Percy beard the marks of his life on the streets. He had a missing tooth, a scar above his right eye and a bit of his left ear missing. But Paul didn’t care about all of that, he knew from the beginning that they’d make a perfect match!

Now, after Percy adapted to life on the road, he makes the perfect companion for Paul’s long trips. They are each other’s family and home away from home.

We’re so glad to hear that they’ve found each other and are now able to fill one another’s lives with so much love and joy.

Watch the delightful video about the couple’s special bond here:

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