Lonely Rescue Pup And A Rat Turn Best Friends

Osiris, the Dutch Shepherd, shares an exceptional bond with Riff, the rat. Although they’re quite different, they have a lot in common and love spending every day together, looking for fun adventures.

The two are so close that they play the weirdest games together. For example, in one game Riff pops in and out of Osiris’s mouth! The sweet rat has complete faith in his canine BFF and knows that he’ll always look out for him.

Osiris and Riff hadn’t met by chance: Osiris’s owner decided to rescue the adorable rat, who was stranded all by himself with no food or water. He was just a three-weeks-old baby who could barely even open his eyes.  

Riff was so tiny that the owners had to nurse him through a syringe. Thankfully, after a while, he slowly gained his strength back and started to get to know his new environment with his human companion and Osiris.

The canine used to be a stray himself: when he was a sweet little puppy, his previous owners left him all alone in a parking lot. 

Fortunately, his future owners had found him and decided to foster him. What had started out as a fostering relationship, became a real family filled with love and happiness. Osiris’s owners call his pup their “foster fail” because they just couldn’t let their beloved pooch go.

Perhaps that’s why Osiris and Riff are so close; because the both of them went through similar experiences. Who knows? Maybe the two communicate together and share their stories with one another, just like a support group!

Moreover, we must remember that Osiris is a trained therapy dog, so it’s his job to make everyone around him feel loved and comfortable, and assist in any way he can. Osiris has a patient that he cares for and helps many families adjust to their life with their new pets.

The owners adore the new relationship so much that they just had to share a few images with us as well. Thanks to them, we can all enjoy watching this beautiful and loving relationship.

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