Little Pup Lost His Family And Wouldn’t Stop Crying But Baby Sling Calmed Him Down

Puppyhood is a delicate time. At an early age, they need a lot of reassurance, positivity, and mainly affection. 

Rhett was one puppy out of 6 that were separated into three groups; the mother was sent to a foster home, three siblings were brought to another foster while sweet Rhett and his other three brothers waited to be sent to a foster family but then he experienced a horrible thing.

Sadly, during their wait, one of his beloved brothers died for unknown reasons. Their foster mother got worried, Mariann Wright-Feliciano, about the two puppies left. After a while, the other brother got severely sick and was rushed to the hospital.

Happily, his brother’s condition got better, but he needed special care and medical attention. They didn’t want to risk Rhett’s health, so he never saw his brother again.

Little Rhett was completely heartbroken. He had six family members, and they were all gone. Mariann knew he was going to face a hard time grieving. He didn’t know how to get around all by himself in this huge world without his mother and siblings. 

His separation anxiety didn’t seem to pass soon. She wanted to pamper him with a comfy bed, and a stuffed animal that was nearly his size, in hopes the warmth of the bed and the camel toy will comfort him.

Unfortunately, the little boy continued crying, nothing would bring back his canine family. She realized that holding him calmed him down but carrying him round-the-clock is impossible. 

She came up with an idea of getting him a baby sling, and the outcome was incredible.

Rhett enjoyed the sling so much, feeling her body-warmth all day long kept him calm. Being in the sling non-stop didn’t help his puppy development, so she limited the sling time and decreased it each time.

The sling worked incredibly, with time, he gained more confidence.

Rhett grew in size and personality. Time and his foster mom were by his side and helped him move along and blossom.

Although he had been through many hardships, he flourished in his foster care and started to get independent, curious, and playful.

Rhett loved to spend time with his toys and slowly was weaned from the sling. Mariann did a remarkable job caring for the little pup and helping to go through hard times. She went above and beyond to make Rhett happy. 

Thank you, dear Mariann, for comforting and rescuing Rhett’s soul.

Here’s the heartwarming video of Rhett and the sling:

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