Lion, Bear And Tiger Cubs Were Rescued Together And Became Inseparable

They were kept illegally as pets when they were only a few months old and later lived the rest of their lives together, as a family, at safety. 

Some friendships are unexplainable, but this will definitely make your day. Nature never stops surprising us as this bonded trio is a living proof that love comes in many shapes and sizes. 

This is a story about a lion, bear, and a tiger that share a wonderful friendship. You will probably never see this unlikely trio in the wild, but these three have something in common – they were all rescued when they were babies.

The three predators’ lives began in a cruel. When police raided a drug dealer’s property back in 2001, they were completely shocked by the unbelievable sight.

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they learned that he held three wild animals in unsatisfactory living conditions in his very own house. 

They were found in Atlanta, Georgia, covered with parasites, emaciated and frightened. The trauma that the three had been through together bonded them but also left emotional scars.

The Bengal tiger, Shere Khan, was skin and bones. Leo, the African lion, was held inside a tiny box, and his face was injured while Baloo, the black bear, was wearing a harness that was so small that it injured his skin and embedded into his flesh.

Happily, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources brought them to a nonprofit animal rescue Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, located in Locust Grove. 

The three adorable cubs had it good on the 250-acre property. They could run freely and enjoy each other’s company without being abused.

Watch how adorable they are:

Sadly, the hardship that they had been through was extreme to the degree that they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild.

When they were brought to the sanctuary, it took them time to realize they’re at safety, so they clang to one another for comfort.

With time, they got more comfortable and started playing together, grooming each other and cuddling.

It was planed to separate the trio once they reached sexual maturity, but it turned out they were undivided. The wildlife bunch couldn’t let each other out of eyeshot and were glued to each other. So the staff eventually agreed to keep them together.

The unlikely trio, which is known as BLT (bear, lion, tiger), lived together for 15 years. They did everything together; from sleeping to eating, they have been downright inseparable. Although they live together in a three-acre enclosure, they usually stay by each other side, which shows they love being together.

Leo passed away back in 2016, and Shere Khan followed him in 2018. Baloo is the only one left now, and the staff makes sure he’s never alone.

As everyone is still heartbroken by the loss of the two wild pals, the staff knows that they lived a happy life at the sanctuary, always surrounded by a loving company. 

The next video shows the incredible connection they had:

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