Italian Lifeguard Dogs Courageously Jump Out Of Helicopters To Save Lives

While they might seem like they don’t have a single worry in the world most of the time, dogs will leap into action as soon as they feel that their beloved humans are threatened. This comes in many forms, such as therapy dogs that can sense when their humans are in danger or brave military dogs that go above and beyond to protect their fellow human soldiers. Any dog owner knows that their dog is doing their best to protect them every single day. These Italian lifeguard dogs go through excessive training and heroically jump out of helicopters to save the lives of those in need.

The Italian School for Lifeguard Dogs trains Newfoundland dogs to ensure the safety of beachgoers and others who find themselves in trouble at sea. The president of the unique school, Ferruccio Pilenga, is believed to have trained more than 350 dogs to preform daring water rescues over the course of 30 years.

There’s a clear advantage to using dogs to perform these rescues. They remain perfectly calm under pressure and naturally avoid currents as they swim back to shore. Pilenga chose to train Newfoundlands after seeing that his own Newfie is an exceptionally good swimmer. Still don’t believe us? Just have a look at the video below showing how these lifeguard dogs courageously jump out of helicopters:

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