Lazy Dog Won’t Move While Her Owner Sweeps Around Her

Lucho Bugallo

Lazy is one of the sweetest dogs ever! She loves wagging her tail and welcoming her beloved owner, Lucho Bugallo when he comes home.

No one is surprised that Lazy the dog behaves like a sloth; she loves to spend her days doing nothing because doing nothing is the best way to roll. Lazy’s friends and family know that for Lazy, sleeping time is a holy time that should not be interrupted. 

The 10-year-old pooch lives in Argentina, where she loves to sleep outdoors in the sunny weather – we can’t blame her.

Lucho Bugallo loves his pup for who she truly is! He nicknames her “Carpet” since she likes to keep her schedule “busy” even if the world crushes beside her.

One funny example is when Bugallo recently tried to sweep leaves around the adorable pup and had to lift her legs carefully to clean underneath her. He posted a video of the adorable scene, which shows how much Bugallo truly cares about his canine.

Lucho Bugallo

Bugallo insists that Lazy is perfect just the way she is, and if staying put and relaxing all day makes her happy, that’s all he really wants. His family has more pets at home, and they love all of them equally.

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