Kitten With Four Ears And One Eye Has Found A Forever Home

Frankie is the coolest cat, he has four ears, one eye and he is a real survivor. Although life wasn’t easy for Frankie, he appreciates every positive thing that life offers him.

Georgi Anderson, Frankie’s owner said that he was found with one brother under a suburban house. The homeowners took them in to fatten them up before they were brought to the shelter.

Frankie was special, he was born with a deformed body. He was born with two eyes but one had ruptured so unfortunately is was removed.

He had several problems in his hind legs so they often slide in and out. He had a teeth treatment and Georgi saves money for operating his  knees.

Georgi was a staff member at the shelter, she was asked to foster him and later on she had completely fallen in love with him.

She explains that his condition still impacts his everyday life; He has a hard time hearing, his night vision isn’t so good and he struggles to eat.

Frankie has the time of his life, he likes finding hiding spots to sleep in and he enjoys annoying and playing with his siblings.

The playful cat likes to annoy the dog as well

Although he likes to bring everybody crazy, no one gets mad with him, he is a chramer!

Happily, Frankie lives in a loving home with an owner and animal siblings that really love him for who he is.

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