Kitten Was Rejected By Her Mom After Birth Now Getting Pampered

Kittens should stay with their mother and siblings till they get 8 to 10 weeks old. But sometimes, the mother rejects her babies. It happens from various different reasons but mainly illness of the kittens or the mom.

This man is an example of what good Samaritan is. The compassionate man named Alan found an abandoned kitten with no mother or siblings and he realized that she was rejected by her mom.

The rescuer saw that the little kitten was in a bad condition; she was smaller than his feet, thin and weak. Being rejected by the mother means that she doesn’t eat and at this point of her growth, food is crucial for the kitten’s wellbeing.

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Happily, Alan knew that leaving her there was too great a risk, so the good Samaritan decided to take her home and get her to safety. He nurtured and pampered her and the little fighter was happy to be loved for the first time. But it’s not an easy task to fill for he had to feed her around the clock as cat mothers do.

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Now she’s an adorable healthy cat named Sansa. It didn’t take long till he decided to be her forever dad.

They have the time of their lives together; she snuggles and falls asleep on him and loves cuddling with him.

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Alan spoils her with fun toys and cozy beds, she now knows how it feels to be a beloved pet.

Sansa grew to be a large, healthy adult cat. She even made a new friend and showed him some secret spots in her house, what a loving adorable cat.

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Thanks to Alan, Sansa lives a happy fun life as each pet should. If you find some rejected baby kitties, they’ll need special care and feedings from you, please rescue them or contact the local rescue.

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