Kitten Has A Mark That Looks Exactly Like A Silhouette Of Another Kitten

At Go Animals we come across countless stories of unusual-looking animals. But this kitty, without a doubt, tops the list as one of the weirdest ones we ever came across.

The kitten was first seen playing with his feline friends in an industrial area of a Japanese city. At a glance, this black and white kitty looks just like any other feline, but an observant Twitter user by the name of TOKAITRIK spotted that this one is actually quite special.

When you look closely, you can see that the feline has a unique mark on his face. The black mark looks precisely like a silhouette of a sleeping black cat.

TOKAITRIK posted the pictures of the cat on his Twitter account with the caption “I have a cat on my nose” (according to Google translate).

Soon after the pictures of the unusual cat emerged, another Twitter user named @phootahh posted a video of the cat with the description (again, according to Google translate), “Thank you for your introduction. Immediately after the video, we are currently playing with our cat.”

According to a Daily Star report, the cat is most likely a stray, but judging by TOKAITRIK’s later posts, it appears that the kitten just might have found a forever home with him.

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