Kitten Goes To The Beach For The First Time And Can’t Stop Smiling

Remember the first time you went to the beach? The first time you smelled the salty air, helplessly tried to avoid the crashing waves and touched warm sand for the very first time. The owners of this kitten made sure that the first time she goes to the beach will be unforgettable.

“It’s her first time going to the beach,” Semsema Mahmoud, the cat’s owner posted on Facebook, and she seems to love every second of it, if we may add.

Just look at how happy she looks

She can hardly contain her own excitement

She even had enough time to chill on a beach chair

but more than anything else, the kitty LOVED to touch the sand

Share these adorable pictures of the kitten that goes to the beach, with your friends and family to brighten their weekend!

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