Kitten Goes Crazy When She Sees The Rain For The First Time

Meet Betty, she is an adorable kitten who was recently adopted from a local vet clinic. Betty still settles in at her new home and happy to be surrounded by loving people.

Morgan Smith

The curious feline loves gazing outside the window, watching the world turns around and appreciates the beauty life offers. Since Betty is an indoor cat, her mother takes her out sometimes to get some fresh air and play freely under her supervision.

It was just another day in which Betty stared at the window when suddenly something shocking happened- water fell down from the sky!

Betty was overwhelmed, and her mom, Morgan Smith enjoyed her endearing reaction. She decided to take her outside to feel her first-ever rain.

When Betty experienced the rain for the first time, she was completely shocked. Her mom said, “She was very confused.” She tried to catch the raindrops in an adorable way!

The priceless reaction captured Smith’s heart, and she knew she had to film it.

Morgan Smith

Although the hilarious scene was surely entertaining, Smith had to take Betty inside, and all the way home, she tried to understand where the hell the water came from and why was it falling on her.

Morgan Smith

“When I took her back inside she ran straight to the door again to catch the rain,” she said. When she came back home, she let the wintery atmosphere to sink in and calmed down, but we can’t wait to see her reaction the next time it rains.

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