Kitten Can’t Stop Kissing His Rescuer From Certain Death

Henry, the kitty, had been living at the pound for quite some time. Recently, the rescue house has decided that poor Henry had overstayed his welcome, and is going for the needle.

Euthanasia is one of the cruelest acts that man imposes on pets because so many of them lose their lives for no good reason.

Fortunately, Henry must’ve had a guardian angel watching over him, because just a few hours before his time was up, the Cat Rescue Newcastle heard about the fluffball’s troubles, and decided to help.

Adelle, a woman that has been working for the organization for quite some time now, volunteered to rescue the sweet kitty and help find him a loving forever home.

Once she saved the kitten from certain death, the adorable cat was so joyful and grateful, that he didn’t even know how to begin to thank his incredible savior.

Henry kept kissing, meowing, and purring to show his love and gratitude. It was apparent that he’d already given up all hope when Adelle showed up, so he was simply overwhelmed for a few hours.

Adelle was so happy that she decided to save Henry. She knew that our planet needs more adorable, loving furballs just like him. Once she was back at the office, she hurried to find Henry a welcoming, cat-loving forever home.

Within a few days, sweet Henry had already settled into his new forever home. Now he spends most of his days with his new blonde best friend. He loves playing with him and watching over him all day long.

Henry will be eternally grateful to Adelle and his forever family for not giving up on him, and awarding him with another chance in life, one that seems quite happy and loving.

Watch the video that shows how amazing Henry really is!

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