This Kitten Appeared In Her Back Yard And Returned A Few Days Later Begging For Help

The harsh reality of being a stray forces them to grow up faster, and become independent at a very young age. Just take this next kitten, who came back begging for the help of people she saw a few days earlier.

A kitten enthusiast from Brooklyn, New York named Lindsay spotted a tiny stray kitten wandering in her backyard one early September morning. She slowly tried to approach the kitten. The feline’s short life on the street must have taught her not to trust humans because she instantly ran away.

Two days passed with no sign of the little stray. Then on the third day, Lindsay saw the cat in the same spot. This time around, the feline had no problem letting the woman come near her. Lindsay picked up the stray and brought her inside.

She gave the cat a bowlful of yummy food, which she sucked in seconds. The poor kitten was mostly skin, bones, and fleas, which explains why she came begging for Lindsay’s help. Lindsay’s kindness won over the kitten’s trust. She cuddled against her to warm up. 

The kitten was better, yet still in a pretty bad shape, so Lindsay contacted  Flatbush Cats, a local rescue group. When the rescue group’s volunteers inserted the kitten into a soapy bubble bath, the water turned red from all the (literally) bloody fleas.

One volunteer, named Amelia, took a particular liking to the cat. She named her Pepper and offered to foster her until she finds a forever home. Pepper got used to life indoors in no time! Her confidence grew, as well as her size, and her eye color changed from the baby blue eyes she had before.

We’re happy to report that it didn’t take Pepper long to find a forever home. Within a week or two with Amelia, a woman came forward asking to adopt her. Pepper now lives in her warm forever home with her new feline sibling Brewski.

She’s definitely the alpha of the house but still loves to cuddle with her momma. Aww…

Watch Pepper getting her first bath here

Share Pepper’s story with your friends and family to remind them to adopt and not shop.

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