Kindhearted Woman Helps Butterfly With Broken Wing Fly For The First Time

It’s the little things in life that make it beautiful – getting in bed after a long and tiring day, taking a break in the middle of a stressful workday to let your mind wander off, and butterflies. When we read how this kindhearted woman helps a butterfly with a broken wing fly for the first time, we knew we had to cover her on our channel. After all, it’s the little things in life that make it beautiful.

 Sadly, our story begins with a tragedy. A kind woman named Romy McCloskey sadly lost her mother to cancer several years ago. The two were very close, so right before her mother died, she assured Romy that while her body might be gone, her spirit will live on. 

Romy’s mom told her that she’ll keep visiting her in the form of butterflies. She told her that if she sees a butterfly acting strange, it’s probably her checking in and letting her know she’s doing fine.

Romy who always took a particular liking to butterflies now took it upon herself to rescue as many as she could find. Whenever the woman found a caterpillar in her garden, she’d bring him into her warm and cozy home. 

The caterpillars would then metamorphize in the comfort of her home before being released back to nature. There was one butterfly though, that she’ll never forget.

The little critter must have torn his wing when hatched from his cocoon. Other than his wings though, the butterfly was in perfect shape! Romy knew that she cannot release him back to nature like that.

After giving it much thought, the woman decided to keep him in the safety of her home until he’ll die. It was then that her friend sent her a guide for repairing butterfly wings (how adorable is that!?).

The woman secured the butterfly with a hanger and cut off the damaged part of his wing. We know, it sounds painful and even inhumane, but butterflies don’t have nerves in their wings, so it’s practically like getting your hair cut.

Romy used the wings from another butterfly who died just before as transplant wings. She glued them into place and spread a bit of talcum powder to prevent the exposed glue from being sticky.

After giving the butterfly a healthy meal of nectar, the woman released him back to nature with an almost brand new pair of wings. The butterfly did a few laps around the woman before resting on one of the branches of a tree in her backyard.

And so, with a bit of patience, determination, kindness, glue, and just a dash of talcum powder, Romy McCloskey made the world just a little prettier.

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H/T – The Dodo

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