Kids Break Down And Cry Tears Of Joy After Finally Reuniting With Their Missing Dog

It must be devastating to have your furry best friend just disappear one day without a trace, not knowing where he is or what he’s up to. A video capturing two kids reuniting with their missing dog recently took the internet by storm, but be warned – watching it may make you cry harder than those kids.

Oscar went missing from his home in Argentina two months ago. While no one knows what the adorable looking pooch has been up to all this time, the important thing is that he’s safe.

The doggo has been finally found by a kind person who brought him into  Los Hermanos Paticorti, an Argentinian rescue group. The group posted a heartwarming video of two kids reuniting with their missing dog and cry their hearts out. According to Google translate, the group wrote: “We delivered him today, and the emotion is so great.”

The younger girl is clearly shocked for the first 2 seconds of the video, but this shock is soon replaced by a sudden burst of tears. Tears of joy and relief.

Don’t miss the heart-wrenching moment in this video, but be warned – you might want to grab a tissue first!

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H/T – The Dodo

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