Kid Goes To Dog Shelter And Decides To Adopt A Deaf and Blind Senior Dog

Meet Shey, a sweet 14-years-old poodle that was abandoned by his family when it moved out of town. As you may know, an elderly deaf and blind dog has almost zero chances of getting adopted again. 

The poor pooch was transferred from a warm and safe environment, into the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Finding himself  caged in a dark and lonely place was traumatic to him as he couldn’t see or hear where he is.

Besides being deaf, blind and old, Shey suffers from other health issues. He is not the healthy canine that could take on the world so all he needed was a safe spot to feel comfortable and loved.

The minute Shey had arrived at the shelter, he was very nice and friendly. However, due to his age and many limitations, the staff knew that finding him a new forever home would be quite challenging.

The cute canine suffered at the shelter, but had no place to go. Many families were tempted to adopt the poor pooch, but quickly backed-out once they’d learn about his condition.

The canine was rejected day after day, and the staff felt his pain. When they’ve almost given up hope, one little boy had stumbled into the shelter with his mommy.

Tristan is a kind-hearted kid that was looking for a furry companion. It was love at first sight; the moment he saw Shey, he fell in love with his happy and affectionate personality.

When Tristan first approached Shey, he wanted to do it gently so the dog won’t be scared. And so, the empathetic kid approached Shey slowly and petted him in a very delicate manner. He respected his boundaries and let Shey get used to him on his terms.

After a few minutes, it was evident that the two were on the fast track to becoming BFFs.

Tristan knew that in order to take care of sweet Shey, he would have to be gentle, patient and fulfil his special needs. 

The loving kid didn’t mind; his eyes were set on taking care of the dog, no matter what. He was ready to do everything in his power to give the canine a happy and blissful life. 

The clever boy took some experts’ advice and learned how to care for Shey properly. He recorded each conversation he had, so he’d be sure to follow their instructions properly. Tristan also scheduled all of Shey’s future visits to the vet on his calendar and made sure to prepare his house for the dog’s arrival.

By the time Tristan came to pick Shey up, the entire staff was in tears. They couldn’t believe that such a small kid could have such a big heart.

Since Shey had arrived in his new forever home, he spent most of his time cuddling with his new human companion. The elderly canine and the young boy are inseparable and love spending every waking moment together.

What a fantastic story! This just goes to show that we have the power to change the lives’ of pets with special needs. The young animal lover looked through Shey’s troubles and saw him for who he truly is – a friendly and loving furry pal.

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