Kid Bravely Surrenders His Dog To Save Him From His Abusive Father

A few days ago Andrés, a 12-year-old kid from Mexico decided to make a courageous act. He took his beloved doggy and left him right outside the Xollin Shelter, with nothing but a letter and a tiny toy to keep him company.

Once the pooch was found, the mystery became clearer: the kid wrote that he and his mom left the teeny-weeny puppy because his father keeps beating him and treating him poorly. The sweet doggy just kept taking the punches, and it broke the little kid’s heart.

A week earlier, the father told Andrés and his mother that he has decided to sell the dog. The kid feared that his beloved dog might find himself living in another abusive home, only this time out of his loving sight.

After a lot of convincing, Andrés and his mother took the sweet pup to the shelter and left him inside a cardboard box. They both knew that by doing so, they were giving him his best chance for a better and happier life.

The kid wanted his beloved doggo to remember him, so he left a plush toy with him, and hoped that his canine will always look at it and think of him.

The box was discovered a few hours later. The shelter’s staff were touched by the kid’s chivalry and decided to share his story on Facebook.
When the story reached mass media, warm responses started pouring in. People from all over the world contacted the Xollin shelter, in the hope of adopting the sweep pup.

However, before finding a loving forever home the pooch needs to first recover from his past traumas. The adorable canine, which the shelter named Rene, had a fractured tail and was covered in parasites. He was in desperate need of medical care.

After Rene recovered, it was time to find her a perfect new home. This was no easy task, considering the fact that the shelter received more than 300 adoption requests for the sweet doggo.

It’s obvious that Andrés cared for the sweet pooch very much. You can practically feel his sadness through the letter he wrote. Nevertheless, he probably saved his dog’s life from certain abuse, and that makes him a true hero.

Despite appreciating the shower of adoption requests for Rene, the shelter’s staff were disappointed to see that the demand for other dogs in need was significantly lower.

The shelter houses many animals, with each and every one of them having a sad story of their own, even if it’s not buzzing all over social media.

It’s important to understand, welcoming a traumatized pet into your life and home isn’t always an easy-breezy transition, but it’s worth it: you help an innocent creature have the loving and warm home that it deserves. Over time, they’ll recover from their trauma and get to know you better. It’s then that you’ll see their happy, loving true colors shining.

If you’ve considered adopting for a while now, all we can say that it’s definitely worth it! It will surely bring so much love and happiness into your home, that you’ll never understand how you were able to live without it.

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  1. Marian Hauge

    What a brave and loving young boy. He did the best thing for his puppy and it truly must have been the hardest thing he will ever have to do. I hope he can take comfort from the fact that his dog will find a good and happy home. That sure is the cutest puppy…

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