Kangaroo Dressed As A Ballerina And Forced To Perform In Russian Circus

We were deeply disappointed to see that even in 2020, people still abuse animals in the name of entertainment. Circuses are undoubtedly the notorious record-holders. They take poor animals from their natural environment, force them into cramped tiny cages, and drag them along on long journeys. The poor animals face harsh punishments if they refuse to perform the tricks precisely as the “trainer” demands.

This image of a kangaroo dressed as a ballerina and pulled by his tail first emerged on the Lis Help Animals Instagram page. The disturbing image infuriated countless animal lovers, the most vocal of whom were, naturally, the Aussies.

One commenter said:  “This is bloody ridiculous. Animals are NOT for entertainment. This Roo should be in our Aussie bush with his mob“.
another added: “Kangaroos do not belong in tutus doing tricks in a circus! They are wild animals and belong in the wild! This is animal abuse”.and another Facebook user concluded with: “What kind of unevolved mind would enjoy this?”

Upon further investigation, we’ve found out that this image was actually taken from a video that shows the full humiliating and barbaric act. Laughter can be heard from the audience, as the poor and frightened creature walks on stage. It appears that the poor kangaroo was tired of all the abuse, because next, he leaned back on his tail and kicked the (so-called) trainer right in his stomach, and knocked him over.

According to Peta.uk, 27 countries have already banned circus performances, with England being the latest to join the list.

Peta’s site states that: “Animals in circuses have been either bred in captivity or taken from their homes and enslaved – solely for the purpose of entertainment. They’re condemned to a sad and frustrating existence, carted from one venue to another in cramped cages and barren trailers and trained to perform tricks to avoid being beaten or otherwise abused.”

You can watch the full video here, please note that some might find the images disturbing:

We think that the list of countries that banned circuses should be much longer and that these barbaric acts have absolutely no place in modern societies. 
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  1. It needs to STOP!! Cruel?! Put him back in the forest

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