Just before his final day, 4 sisters recreate their favorite photo with family dog 16 years later

Dog owners all know and dread this moment- the time when your beloved pooch has grown to be and old timed pupper. The love and happy memories you collect and share with your favorite canine over the years shape us as human beings. Taking care of a small puppy who hasn’t been potty trained, going on walks and family vacations, or running around the living room of your childhood home- are all cherished memories, here to remind us the great life our dog has lived, being loved and content, outweighing the pain of the loss. 

Growing up with a family dog as best friend is of course no exception, as reddit user weezabeeb posted a simple recreation of a family picture, including all four, now grown, sisters and their beloved family dog in the middle, now sporting white hairs. The family photo first shot 16 years prior to the recreation shows all four siblings giggling, with the pup being held up. 

This was shot just a day before he had to be put down, showing the love and care he has received from the family through the years.

Most importantly, Those photos goes to show real love never ages, even when we do.

We had to put my dog of 16 years down yesterday, but before we did we recreated our favourite photo with him

User weezabeeb wrote: “We had to put my dog of 16 yrs down yesterday but before we did we recreated our favourite photo with him.”

What a beautiful way to commemorate 16 years of love and friendship between four girls and their pup.

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