Japanese Zoo Performs Lion Escape And The Real Lions’ Aren’t Impressed

The Japanese Tobe Zoo wanted to be prepared to a dangerous case in which lion escapes its cage.  They decided to make a lion escape drill. They told a staff member to dress up as a lion and guided him to run all over the zoo as an escaping lion. Everyone was shocked especially the lions themselves.

Visitors took the cameras out and started to take pictures and it seems like the drill was more entertaining than productive.

It’s common among zoos to prepare such drills but usually, the footages of it don’t go viral.

The guard team has finally trapped the human-lion using a fake stun gun and then covered him with a net.

The zoo inhabitants watched the whole scenario and the only thing that was missing was popcorn. The question remains whether it was an action or comedy movie.

The lion inhabitants watched the drill and they weren’t impressed at all. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to perform the show in front of them because now they know it isn’t so difficult to escape.

At least it was hilarious! 

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