Jake Gyllenhaal Jumps Into A Busy Intersection To Rescue Stranded Dalmatian.

He is not just a hero on the big screen; Jake Gyllenhaal is a real hero.
Besides being a renowned and talented actor, we can now see that he is an everyday hero, as well.

It was just another day when he decided to stop his life to ran out into a busy NYC highway to rescue a scared Dalmatian.

The Superman star was in lower Manhattan when he saw a stranded pooch in the middle of an intersection. The right course of action seemed incredibly clear. He decided to jump in to rescue the stranded pooch.

It seemed like the dog had gotten away from its owner since it was on a leash. Although his rescue efforts were impressing, they weren’t quite successful at first. As the actor tried to make the dog come out of the intersection, it didn’t go along with him.

He couldn’t leave the dog there to fend for itself, so he took a dramatic action of bringing cars to a standstill! Then he approached the stressed dog and calmed it down.

Happily, thanks to compassionate Gyllenhaal, the Dalmatian was back at safety with its owners. Not only that, he rescued the owner’s furry companion, he dedicated a few minutes to tell the doggo owner about leash options that could prevent potential tragedies.

Jake is known to be a canine fan. He adores dogs and thinks they bring playfulness out of us. Thank you for setting a good example and being such an incredible human being.

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