Irritable Dog Honks The Car Horn To Get Owner’s Attention

Dogs have what seems like an infinite amount of patience for us humans. They can spend whole days sitting around the house, waiting for our return, or stare at us while we’re watching TV for hours at a time. But even the most patient dog has its limits. This is apparently what happened to this pooch. A video showing how the irritable dog honks his owner’s car horn, disturbing everyone in the parking lot, recently went viral and it’s hilarious.

The footage first emerged online in late 2017. The doggo’s owner apparently left the dog in the car as he needed to pick something up from a swimming pool in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Despite only being gone for a couple of minutes, it felt much longer for the pooch. The dog became increasingly impatient with each passing minute. When the sweet dog could no longer cope with the boredom, he expressed his irritation by doing exactly what his owner does in these situations – honking the horn.

Unknowingly, the man finished his business and casually made his way back to the car. He did hear a car honking continually in the parking lot but thought nothing of it at that point. It was only when he got closer to his vehicle that he had realized the source of all the commotion. Surprised and slightly embarrassed the man apologized to anyone in the parking lot that day. He then jokingly promised to get them a spare pair of eardrums. Most people who were there didn’t even mind the noise. They were too busy having a laugh from the amusing pooch who honks the horn just like a human.

Watch the hilarious video of the irritable dog who honks the horn here:

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